Building a Large Scale IaaS with CloudStack and Software-Defined Storage


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ДАТА: 09.09.2022


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Building a Large Scale IaaS with CloudStack and Software-Defined Storage

Providing a powerful, self-service IaaS cloud can be a game-changer for many enterprise companies. By selecting the right technology stack, you can transform your entire organization into an agile and high-performing business. StorPool and Amito are showcasing the benefits of building a large scale IaaS with CloudStack and software-defined storage.

This webinar will present what are the typical challenges when building an IaaS and why to choose CloudStack as your cloud orchestration platform. In addition, you will explore the benefits of implementing a new-age software-defined storage solution to increase operational efficiency, performance, scalability, and decrease TCO.

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Сторпул Сторидж

StorPool is intelligent storage software that allows service providers, enterprises and other Cloud builders to run data storage on standard x86 servers. StorPool's software aggregates the capacity AND performance of many drives from many servers into a single block-level shared storage pool. Compared to traditional SANs, all-flash arrays, or other storage software StorPool is faster, more reliable and scalable. StorPool uses a unique architecture that provides a number of advantages: • It scales in capacity and performance with every added server or hard drive • It works on standard servers alongside applications and virtual machines • It protects you against silent data corruption • It has zero up-front cost and a pay-as-you-grow pricing model