HackConf 2019


СофтУниада 2020
ДАТА: 22.02.2020

HackConf 2019

Bulgaria’s premier software development conference is coming back next year at the National Palace of Culture! Save the dates 11-13th of October for HackConf 2019!

HackConf 2019 will include two parallel tracks of software development talks during both conference days October 12-13th, as well as a full day with more workshops on October 11.

Early bird tickets are now on sale at the best price of 20€ (incl. VAT)!

Your ticket gets you:

☑️ 2 days with 2 tracks of high-class software development talks in English

☑️ 1 day of hands-on workshops

☑️ Barista-style coffee

☑️ Lunch on both conference days

☑️ Awesome T-shirt + HackConf 2019 canvas bag of goodies

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КОГА: 11.10.2019

МЯСТО: Национален Дворец на Културата

ВХОД: 20€

Хак България

Хак България е школа по програмиране, която дава нужната практическа и теоритична подготовка за започване на работа. Моделът за учене и преподаване стъпва върху обърнатата класна стая - писането на код е задължение, а лекциите са за домашно.