Image moderation using serverless architecture and AI in AWS


BGOUG Spring Conference 2019
ДАТА: 07.06.2019


Image moderation using serverless architecture and AI in AWS

Do you want to know how to analyze and moderate images in the cloud? Do you want to find out about the advantages of using a serverless architecture?

Join this DevTalks session for a real-life example of some of Amazon AWS hottest services. We will leverage AWS Lambda to power the solution, Amazon Rekognition to do the AI based image analysis and AWS Step Functions to orchestrate the whole process. And one of the best things about it - the "pay as you go" model, where you pay only when your app is used.

What will you learn

  • More information about some of AWS hottest services

  • The top pros and cons of a serverless architecture

  • How to set up a fully functional cloud-native application in AWS

  • How to analyze images without the skills of a data scientist

  • How to run backend code without configuring servers

  • How to coordinate multiple Lambda functions into a serverless workflow

How to get here:

Мetro station Druzhba is 100m away from our office. 
There is a parking next to the building.

Looking forward to meeting you!

КОГА: 05.12.2018

МЯСТО: бул. „проф. Цветан Лазаров“ 67



19:00 h: Registration

19:15 h: Introduction

  • AWS Overview

  • Serverless Architecture

  • AWS Lambda

  • AWS Step Functions

  • Machine Learning at AWS

  • Image and video analysis

  • Amazon Rekognition

  • Designing a sample application

  • Pricing

  • Demo

20:30 h: Grab a drink, have a bite and network

Vassil Vassilev - Software Development Manager at MentorMate

Vassil Vassilev has more than 12 years of experience in the software development field and the passion for technology, necessary for projects’ success. He’s an AWS Certified Solutions Architect with a specialization in cybersecurity, also certified in IBM application development. Vassil draws upon his previous experiences as a Full-stack and Java Developer in his current role as Software Development Manager - .NET at MentorMate.

No matter the needs, Vassil uses his depth of skill to finish every task, empowering the people around him to meet and overcome the challenges ahead, too. He loves to share his knowledge, thus, believing it is the way to grow and succeed. Vassil is leading a SCRUM training, as well as mentoring people from the .NET practice at MentorMate, both showing his dedication to help the development of others.