Mobile Days at MentorMate Sofia


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ДАТА: 13.06.2019


Mobile Days at MentorMate Sofia

We are happy to announce our Mobile Days event where MentorMate will warmly welcome the mobile community!

If you are a mobile developer and want to find out more about MentorMate’s unique culture, challenging projects and, nothing but, awesome people - join us on March 21, 2019, in Sofia!

Mobile Days will give you the opportunity to engage face-to-face with Eleonora Georgieva, Software Development Manager - Android, and Stefan Tsvyatkov, Software Development Manager - iOS and understand why MentorMate has the largest team of mobile developers in Bulgaria.

You’ll also hear our story and discover how we helped people with diabetes to monitor their blood sugar levels anytime and anywhere, how we developed an app to drive a tractor through a smartphone and how we connected women to inspire and mentor each other.

The event will round off with networking in our lounge zone where you could discuss your areas of interest directly with others like you and our iOS and Android Managers in a friendly and informal atmosphere.


NOTE: Don’t forget to save your spot by getting a free ticket here (Mobile Days at MentorMate Sofia), so we know you plan to come! The event is appropriate for people who aren't familiar with the company.


How to get here:

Мetro station Druzhba is 100m away from our office. There is a parking next to the building.

Hope you can make it!


Additional info: 02/862 26 32 and

КОГА: 21.03.2019

МЯСТО: бул. „проф. Цветан Лазаров“ 67


18:30 h - Welcome to MentorMate’s Mobile Days
18:45 h - MentorMate’s story
19:00 h - Overview of our Android practice, intriguing projects, and used technologies
19:30 h - Overview of our iOS practice, intriguing projects, and used technologies
20:00 h - Food, beers, and networking