Multi-Factor Authentication with Auth0


Multi-Factor Authentication with Auth0

We are all used to using the good old password as the main way to get into our favourite website or app, but as probably most of you already know, this is not safe enough. Even the most strong and complicated passwords could be hacked, and millions of people have found this the hard way.
Join our insightful talk to learn more about what are the benefits of using multi-factor authentication for the increased security of your end-users and see how it can easily be set up with the help of Auth0 - an easy to implement, adaptable authentication and #authorization platform.
During the talk, Svetlin Staev, Principal Engineer at the News UK Tech team at Questers, will share his first-sight experience of working with Auth0 and MFA in the process of providing top-class security for the users of the Sun Savers project at News UK. We will look into two different implementation approaches with Auth0 - out-of-the-box setup with minimal effort and a more custom API-driven solution.
This is an online event. Please register here. We will send you the link to join the event 1 hour before the start.


КОГА: 21.10.2021

МЯСТО: Онлайн


18:35-19:30 PRESENTATION
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Svetlin Staev

Svetlin Staev

Svetlin is a Principal Engineer at News UK team at Questers. He is taking part in the development of the loyalty programme of The Sun newspaper - the SunSavers app using a modern technology mix of React Native Web, GraphQL and JavaSpring service-oriented architecture. He is very passionate about the modern Web and the endless possibilities it unlocks for creating rich and highly immersive experiences. With nearly 20 years in the industry developing web systems and applications using cutting edge technologies he has acquired a taste for the full stack from building scalable backends to interactive frontends, online marketing and search engine optimization.