Practical Webinar: Event-Driven Architecture


СофтУниада 2022
ДАТА: 26.02.2022

Practical Webinar: Event-Driven Architecture

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In this practical webinar, we’ll explore how event-driven architecture (EDA) enables huge scaling. We’ll dive into where it can be applied and where it should be avoided because applying it for the wrong reason may do more harm than good. We’ll explore the importance of understanding why, when, and how to apply it.

Note: This event will be held online and is free of charge. A link to the webinar will be sent to your email prior to the event’s start.

Nice to have: Experience with software development is recommended.

After the lecture you will know:

  • What is and why use EDA 

  • The difference between event-based communication and request-response 

  • When to use EDA and when not 

  • What type of problems it solves  

  • What kind of problems it creates 

  • Which companies already use it 

КОГА: 30.06.2021

МЯСТО: Online


12:00 Welcome

12:05 Event-Driven Architecture

12:35 Q&A

Gyuner Zeki, Solutions Architect

During the last couple of years, Gyuner has been designing solutions for various enterprises. He has led small and large-sized development teams relying on his excellent communication skills and ability to motivate others.

Currently, Gyuner is a Solution Architect at MentorMate as he joined the team a couple of months ago. His everyday responsibilities include designing solutions for clients and making sure that the architecture evolves according to the customer’s needs. Together with his team, he is also responsible for process changes related to development and many others.

He holds an IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate, issued by IBM, as well as a certificate in Software Design and Architecture, issued by the University of Alberta. He is also an active member of the IT community. He has spoken at many events and conferences, such as Beit.Today, PlovDev, IoT Summit, Startup Pitching, and Global Tech Summit.