Questers Tech Meetup in Plovdiv: Monorepos - The Good Parts

Questers Tech Meetup in Plovdiv: Monorepos - The Good Parts

On the International Programmers’ Day, we are going to Plovdiv and will be hosting an insightful tech talk there!

 Our speaker will be Gergana Dobrikova - a Tech Lead in the News UK Tech team at Questers. She will be talking about Monorepos.

During her talk, Gergana will focus on the good and bad features that Monorepo could bring to your project. Using Monorepos is often controversial, but Gergana will concentrate on Front-Еnd-oriented packages in a single repository and how we can manage the dependencies in the most efficient way. She will also look at some of the most popular tools for managing Monorepos and compare their characteristics and efficiency.

 Make sure to join us! Registration is free but required.

КОГА: 13.09.2022

МЯСТО: Premium Networking Space


18:30 – 18:45 RECEPTION
18:45 – 19:15 PRESENTATION
19:15 – 20:30 QUESTIONS & TALKS

Gergana Dobrikova

Gergana Dobrikova

Gergana is a Full-stack Software Engineer with more than six years of experience in JavaScript and all Front-End-related technologies. She is very interested in the newest technologies currently available in the JavaScript world and is always trying to keep up with what’s new and better.
Presently, Gergana is a Tech Lead for the Sun team at News UK.
In her free time, Gergana is a very keen escape room enthusiast.