Sentinel Mastery: Unlocking Terraform's Policy Power

Sentinel Mastery: Unlocking Terraform's Policy Power

Discover the Power of Sentinel! Webinar on August 22  

Explore the Sentinel Language and its applications in our upcoming free webinar. Come learn how to define, integrate, and test Sentinel policies within Terraform Cloud/Enterprise. During this session, we’ll delve into how to effectively write, maintain, and use policies to validate Terraform IaC through configuration, state, and plan. You’ll gain valuable insights by working with Sentinel CLI, testing, and debugging policies locally. Additionally, you’ll discover how to best use Sentinel imports to enhance your Terraform workflows.   


August 22  


18:00 (GMT+2)  

The event is free!  

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КОГА: 22.08.2023

МЯСТО: Online


You will learn about:  

  • Sentinel policies  

  • Testing and debugging policies locally  

  • Sentinel CLI  

  • Sentinel imports