SwiftSofia Developing at Scale by Rod Strougo


ДАТА: 01.10.2020

SwiftSofia Developing at Scale by Rod Strougo

Next #SwiftSofia meetup is approaching and this time we will meet at a new location - Cosmos Coworking on 21.05.2019, 7 p.m.!

Our guest speaker will be Rod Strougo, who will talk about growing an app from 1K to 1M users while moving from Objective-C to Swift when you have 185K+ lines of code.

After the meetup we will go to Q-Ftetaria for Dinner provided by VMware.

КОГА: 21.05.2019

МЯСТО: Cosmos Coworking


Rod will share the lessons he learned in scaling Boxer and taking a large codebase from Objective-C to Swift. His development team stayed the same size through this growth, and had to find all sorts of shortcuts to keep updating/refactoring the codebase while minimizing risk and bugs. Many developers have to step into legacy code bases, and they can use some of the techniques the team employed to refactor/update those codebases to Swift and newer iOS APIs. Learn from our mistakes and be smarter as your own apps scale.

Rod Strougo

Rod Strougo

Rod Strougo is currently the Sr. Engineering Manager for Android and iOS Boxer, having joined VMware 4 years ago. Rod's role is to help guide the development direction and engineering excellence for Boxer and to collaborate with clients on technical partnerships. Before VMware, Rod led a team of iOS developers and trainers and pioneered Apple's iOS training in Latin America and Europe. Rod is a published author in iOS and has taught iOS courses from beginning to advanced topics. Rod has specialized in various types of development over his 22 years career, from large distributed systems at IBM to mobile applications.