#SwiftSofia The long road from NeXTSTEP till Swift 5

Developers, who encounter Swift for the first time will discover a modern computer programming language used in an unusual development environment of frameworks and strange design patterns. This strangeness is due to the 30 years long evolution of what we now know as iOS and macOS. From the beginning of the development of Objective-C and NeXTSTEP in the 80ties till modern times this process is driven by some of the most influential software engineers in the world.

КОГА: 15.01.2019

МЯСТО: betahaus Sofia


Georg Tuparev

Our speaker Georg was lucky to observe this development closely and to know some of the brightest folks personally. He will tell the story of the Design Patterns (The gang of four book), the development of the Web and the first browser, the predecessors of Core Dada, WebObjects (yes, Apple still runs on WebObjects :-) and the history of VoiceOver and how he met Steve Jobs. He will conclude with some predictions for the future of the platform.