#SwiftSofia Xmas Introduction to gRPC for iOS


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ДАТА: 10.05.2019


#SwiftSofia Xmas Introduction to gRPC for iOS

The last #SwiftSofia meetup of 2018 is approaching :) This time we will meet on 6.12.2018 at 19:00 in a brand new location - Puzl Coworking.

The topic of the event will be Introduction to gRPC for iOS led by Stanislav Zahariev and Владимир Кадурин.

КОГА: 06.12.2018

МЯСТО: Puzl Coworking, bul. Cherni Vruh 47, floor 4


We will talk about:

gRPC is an RPC on top of HTTP/2 that uses protocol buffers, but is gRPC the future of client-server communication? Is it just transferring byte data over the line or something more? How does it fit in the mobile world and how can you truly benefit from it?

Stanislav Zahariev

Stanislav is an enthusiastic software developer with over twelve years of professional experience gained in a variety of industry sectors including telecommunications, web hosting, infrastructure, monitoring and payments. He’s passionate about different technologies and programming languages, software architecture and solving complex problems. Recently he’s all in about iOS development.

Vladimir Kadurin

Vladimir is an iOS developer for more than 6 years. Graduated from Technical University of Sofia, he shares deep passion for mobile development from his early student years. He has experience leading multiple mobile teams and has a number of successful apps in AppStore. Currently he is doing a Ph.D in Machine Learning.