Building a FinTech Card with AWS Serverless & Working With Remote Teams

Building a FinTech Card with AWS Serverless & Working With Remote Teams

We are thrilled to invite you to our last Tech MeetUp for the year when our special guests from Funding Circle - Antonio Vasilev, Richard Ashworth and Juan Vaccari will present not one but two intriguing #techtalks:

"How Funding Circle built a Card with AWS Serverless"

During this talk, Richard and Juan will explain how Funding Circle used serverless AWS technologies to implement their Cards features for the short-term credit product Flexipay. In particular, they will talk about Lambdas, Aurora Serverless and Step Functions.

"Understanding how people think & get things done when working remotely across cultures"

During this presentation, Antonio will explore how our cultures influence the way we communicate with each other and the impact that has on our work. He will show how our surrounding environment and communication style can impact everything from our perceived seniority to the way we work day-to-day. He will also share practical tips and insights that will enable you to better navigate the cultural landscape and build your own self-awareness. This, we are sure, will be a game-changer for your career. Antonio will look at tech-specific examples like pull requests/peer reviews or meeting interactions through the lens of the newly acquired context to see how we can adapt going forward.

 Registration is free but required. Make sure you reserve a seat here.

КОГА: 15.12.2022

МЯСТО: 17 Henrik Ibsen Str.


18:30 – 18:45     RECEPTION

18:45 – 19:45     PRESENTATION

19:45 – 20:30     QUESTIONS & TALKS

Antonio Vasilev

Antonio Vasilev

Antonio is an Engineering Manager at Funding Circle US where he heads up a team spread across three continents (Europe, North America and South America) building a product that enables the delivery of millions of dollars to small and medium-sized businesses across the US. Before joining Funding Circle, Antonio worked in consulting where he helped companies all over the world improve their ways of working, align their operating models and deliver exceptional products. Having come from an engineering background himself (Javascript Engineer), Antonio is also acutely aware of the intricate challenges engineers face day-to-day. Antonio is also on the board of a couple of companies based in the UK as a strategic advisor.