Webinar: API Testing With REST Assured


ДАТА: 01.10.2020


Webinar: API Testing With REST Assured

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Wе'll explore why API testing is important and how we can leverage REST Assured to write efficient tests. We'll also look at good patterns to follow and bad practices to avoid when using automation tools. In the end, we'll put it all into practice and write some example tests.

Note: This event will be held online and is free of charge. A link to the webinar will be sent to your email, prior to the event’s start.

Nice to have:
Some experience with JAVA and automation testing is recommended

What you will learn:

  • How to automate any API, as well as good and bad practices when writing tests

  • What REST Assured is and how it can streamline the process of writing API automation

  • How to handle and parametrize dynamic JSON payloads

  • How to work with different authorization types

  • How to perform serialization and de-serialization in REST Assured

  • How to easily create data-driven tests


  • API testing - how, why, and when

  • REST Assured overview

  • Validating API responses

  • Handling complex JSON objects and parametrization

  • Working with secure APIs

  • Spec builders

  • Data-driven testing with REST Assured

  • Demo


Iliya Yanev - Senior Automation QA

Iliya loves the challenge of working in a dynamic environment where no 2 days are ever the same. As a Senior Automation QA, he performs automation tests, helps his colleagues whenever needed and also does some back-end and DevOps tasks.

The focus of his work lies on technologies such as AWS, Docker, Kafka, Jenkins, Spring Boot, and Selenium and overall, the automation of every step of the project cycle. He has passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam and has completed a Docker Mastery and a Spring Framework DevOps on AWS course.

A life without music is hardly imaginable for Iliya, who has played the guitar in 4 different bands belonging to various music styles. He also likes trekking and playing chess. 


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