Webinar: Migrating from VMware and Hyper-V to a New-Age IT stack with KVM


СофтУниада 2022
ДАТА: 26.02.2022

Webinar: Migrating from VMware and Hyper-V to a New-Age IT stack with KVM

If you deliver cloud services for thousands of customers, you need to have full control over your cloud infrastructure and functionality. Whether you are a large IT service provider or enterprise It desk - you need to use the latest technologies, which give your users speed and service quality, but are also robust, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective.

In this webinar, Dustin will present how they evolved the traditional IT stacks built on VMware and Hyper-V to a New-Age IT stack, powered by KVM. You will learn how a leading enterprise re-engineered its entire IT stack and migrated to a KVM based stack, powered by best-in-class SDS (Software Defined Storage) and CMS (Cloud Management System).
During the webinar, you will have the chance to learn more about the changes in the market, which led to the decision to start from scratch and re-engineer the IT stack. What services have Dustin built, how they successfully migrated, and optimized their Cloud Offerings.

Our special guests from OpenNebula will share more information on what’s new at the CMS of choice in the project - the new features for container orchestration and how OpenNebula focuses on flexibility - any application, any infrastructure, and any virtualization.

StorPool Storage invites you to the free webinar "Migrating from VMware and Hyper-V to a New-Age IT stack with KVM" on 29.10.2020, 4 PM CET on Zoom!

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