iOS Application Architecture with Krzysztof Zabłocki @SwiftSofia

The summer is over, but there are some good news - 3-rd #SwiftSofia season is approaching and our first meetup will be Epic :) 

We are excited to announce that Krzysztof Zabłocki ( will join us on October 26 2018, 19:00 at betahaus Sofia.

Make sure you reserve a seat at:

КОГА: 26.10.2018

МЯСТО: betahaus Sofia


The topic of the meetup will be iOS Application Architecture - Let’s talk about the things that really matter for maintainable architecture in iOS apps.

Keywords: MVC, MVVM, Flow Coordinators.

Krzysztof Zablocki

Krzysztof Zablocki

Krzysztof is an iOS developer, known for creating Sourcery, Objective-C Playgrounds, Apple’s Essential Apps like Foldify and 3D Game Engines. Passionate about writing quality code and helping other do the same. He blogs on and open sources tools/libraries at

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